Monday, April 9, 2007

Lake Norman Fly-In

[Submitted much earlier by Bill ("Reno Red") ... Sorry about the delay. JEC]

Saturday March 24 turned out to be a great day for Palmetto Flight. Three of us (Stripes, Smokey, and Reno), made it to 14A, Lake Norman Airpark, to a fly-in, a special fly-in I might add. We were asked to perform a 'missing man' fly-by in honor of Andy Moscarelli, a friend and advisor to many RV builders. Andy passed away recently, and his widow attended the fly-in. Since we only had 3 players, we were honored to have Retired General (thats right) Tom Waslaw join us in his RV-4. A former F-15 jock (Smokeys FAVORITE airplane) with some considerable formation time, the flight didn't miss a beat. Smokey led w/ smoke on. Reno flew # 3 and pulled out and up w/ smoke on. Numerous 'atta boys' were offered up at landing. About 100 planes made it including SERVers Cappy, Dale Ensing, and a -6 from Anson Co. Looks like we have a new member in Genl Tom. He lives on Lake Norman and will make a great addition. after we give him plenty of grief at his first few practices. Everybody starts at the bottom. Hoping for a Great flying season, especially when CB gets back in the air. Practice scheduled for Sat. 3/31 at Lkr at noon wether permitting. Hope to see everyone there. RR.


LB said...

Sounds great. Wish I could have made it.

Palmetto Flight said...

That was quick ... the addition of a comment! See the next post. Wish you could have been there too. JEC