Tuesday, April 24, 2007

TeamRV Flies at Sun-N-Fun!

TeamRV (led by Mike Stewart), flew several "circuits" in formation at Sun-N-Fun this past Friday (4/20) and Saturday (4/21). The flight positions were: Lead - "Kahuna"/Super8, (2) "Subob"/RV4, (3) James ("Vibes"???)/RV6, (4) "Smokey"/RV8, (5) Ken (???)/RV6 and (6) "Speedy"/RV6.

After a 4-ship + 2-ship departure,several formation passes were made.

The passes included: "Delta", "Arrow", "Double Vic", "E-Z", and "Cluster" formations using the six ships.

A final 2+4 pass was made with Kahuna and Subob heading home after the Saturday routine

A great time was had by all.

Our flight was in the "Nikon Best of Show Photo!! See ... http://www.sun-n-fun.org/content/interior.asp?section=flyin&body=07FLYIN/nikon

See these locations for more pictures thanks to Scott Will and Hayden Davis ... And now see video at left!


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